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Jan 10, 2023

There are lots of different ways to measure what a customer thinks about your company. But customer emotions can be pretty tricky. How a customer feels can affect other metrics – someone who’s happy with their service will likely provide a high NPS rating. Someone who is angry or frustrated will likely choose “very unsatisfied” in a CSAT survey. So it’s important to understand the emotions of a customer as context for other metrics. But what about more complicated relationships, like a B2B2C channel? On this episode, host Steve Walker welcomes Nancy Flowers, director of customer experience at Voya Financial* and featured in Jim Tincher's newest book, "Do B2B Better". Nancy discusses why CX pros needs to remember that emotions are important for B2C and B2B channels.

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* Production note: We interviewed Nancy Flowers in November of 2022. At that time she was the vice president for insights and loyalty at Hagerty and discusses her experiences at that company. She has since accepted a position at Voya Financial, and while she no longer speaks officially for Hagerty, we have permission to release this episode since she was working for that company at the time of the interview.